Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Jungle Jim's International Market Grocery Store Cincinnati

Trying to find German products in the ailes of your local grocery store can be quite daunting. Of course there's always the World Market which does have a limited supply of German products (such as Teekanne tea and Bahlsen cookies) though the emphasize is definetly on "limited." Let me tell you about a place on the other hand that has huge selection of the products that you crave. That store is Jungle Jim's International Market in Fairfield, Ohio (right outside Cincinnati). Not only do they have a large selection of German products, they have about 150.000 products from 75 countries. If you can't find it in their 300,000 square foot store, I doubt you can get it anywhere else in the US.
I don't consider Jungle Jim's a regular store. It is more or less set up like a theme park. It all starts in the parking lot, which has signage just like your about to park at Six Flags. Once you enter the store, you might be surprised by all the animatronics. My favorite section in the store is the British foods part. Their section looks like a part of Robin Hood's Sherwood forest. They have a talking Robin Hood up in the canopy. The products are arranged around the trunk of the tree. The vast hotsauce section is appropriately adorned by a fire engine. Everywhere you look you will find neat little animatronic displays. You'll find a singing cereal band and a rocking Elvis lion. The German section is rather plain but has huge selection of products you won't find anywhere else.
Going to the bathroom is an experience all by itself. Their bathroom was ranked best bathroom in America in 2007. It looks like a Portapotty on the outside but the plastic shell is just a facade for a pretty nice bathroom inside it. The first time I went I actually didn't go to the bathroom there, since I didn't know the Portapotty was just a front. I did find it strage though, that they didn't have real bathrooms. Now I know better.
So if you are ever in Cincinnati region and in the mood for adventure shopping, go check them out. They are located 5440 Dixie Hwy in Fairfield, Ohio and open 7 days a week. It's well worth the trip. Check 'em out at

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